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Golf Cart

Rules and expectations!

Non-Acceptable attire on a golf course 

  • T-shirts 

  • Hoodies 

  • Branded pants 

  • sweat pants 

  • Ripped pants 

  • Short shorts 

  • Jean material in any clothing

  • Slides/Slipers/bootsjs

  • Arrive 30min prior to tee time 

  • Bring a water bottle and a snack

  • Wet players towel 1/3

  • Have at least one pegsil

  • Have at least 5 tees in your pocket

When arriving at golf course...

Meeting player/golf bag

  • Introduce yourself 

  • Ask before placing water bottle and snacks in players bag

  • take a photo of their clubs, count golf clubs 

  • Turn phone ringer off

  • Ask which tees player will be playing 

  • Clean players clubs with wet towel

  • Collared shirts 

  • Athletic pants-open bottom-pants with pockets 

  • Runners 

  • Hat/visor with at least one hat clip

  • Long hair-must be tied back

  • Boys must have shirts tucked in

Athletic attire 

  • Let players pull clubs out their bag unless they ask you to do so 

  • If they pass you head cover, place on right club

  • place cart in direction of hole, about three feet to the right of where they are hitting

  • Always have putter ready for them after they hit on the green

When Playing...

  • Do not line up the player to the flag, or on the teeing area, or putting green. This is a 2-stroke penalty to the player. 

  • Do not step in anyone’s putting line, or their through line. (3 feet beyond the putting line). 

  • Do not touch or pick up anyone’s golf ball – unless specifically asked. (Such as a provisional ball where the original one has been found and in play).

  • You cannot suggest a golf club to any other player but your own. 

  • You can not say how many clubs the wind has, or the MPH/KMH to any player, other than your own. 


Flagstick ettiquite 

  • The player who is farthest away from the hole, putts first. 

  • Usually, the players’ caddie will be the one person to attend the flagstick for their own player.

  • Sometimes, a different caddie might attend the flagstick. For instance, the player’s caddie is raking a bunker far away. 

  • Stand on the low side of the hole, unless your player wants you to stand on the high side of the hole.

  • Pull the flagstick out of the ground about one inch and lean it against the back part of the cup.

  • Beware of the other 3 ball markers and preplan where you are walking after the player has stuck the putt.

  • As soon as the putt is struck, take the flag out and move away from the hole. 

  • Typically, the flagstick is placed on the putting green, where there is no chance of any putt hitting it. 


  • clean the clubhead after the player has hit their ball.

  •  arrive at your players ball before they do.

  • When your player hits in a bad direction – follow it until the end. Say something like “I saw it hit the willow tree mid-way up and did not see where it landed.” Or “I saw a splash and I believe the entry point was near the red stake.” Or “I see white stakes, maybe you should hit a Provincial ball.” 

  •  be ready to rake the bunker, for your player and possibly the other players.

  • Always place the bag/pushcart in between the flagstick and the next teeing area.

  • You may offer yardages

  • Repair pitch marks on the putting green, your players and one more.



  • The Safety Zone – there is always a safety zone

  • Never walk in front of a player. 

  • Do not place a golf bag or push cart parallel to the golf ball. 

  • Do not swing without looking around first. 

  • Always face the three other players when making practice swings.

  • Never chip towards cars or people, no matter how skilled.

  • The best place to stand is facing the player at least 3 feet short of parallel to the golf ball.

  • The caddie might have to hide behind the push cart to be safe. 

  • Yell “FORE” or “FORE RIGHT” or “FORE LEFT” if needed. 

  • The caddie might signal with their arm to indicate “FORE Direction”.

  • Always be polite

  • Thank your player and the others

  • Thank the other caddies

  • Thank the pro shop.

  • Count your player’s clubs and headcovers

  • Do not forget your phone, snack or water bottle, personal belongings. 

End of Game!!!
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