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Meet The Team

Caddy Master
Mya Bilg

Teaching these students and seeing them develop important life skills such as communication and puctuality is a huge accomplishment for me. I am looking forward to helping them more in the near future!

Riya Sadhra 

I am a grade 9 student and as my first job, I have had a very good experience. The Job is fun in terms of I can meed new people and have fun while doing my job. 

Gavin Bilg

As a golfer, it was interesting to look at golf from a Caddies perspective. I have not only learned many things about Golf, but also how to improve my Caddying skills. 

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Selina Dhillon

The Caddy program gave me the opportunity to develop patience and new leardership skills. I can now be more assertive in different situations. 

Aniya Bilg

My name is Aniya Bilg and as my first job, I have learned many things, most importantly, how to interact with others professionally. I am looking forward to near events as I am a proud member of GCP. 

Alina Sadhra

As a proud member of the GCP, I am proud to say that the Caddy program was an amazing experience for me. It was wonderful spending time with different students and learning how each individual plays different and has their own techniques. 

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